Designing Your Website

Designing a website that is successful is not a simple thing to do. Whether you have a little or no experience with building a site, it can be a challenge. There are many things to think about, such as the color scheme and layout. Besides, the information you need to build a great site is constantly changing. Read over the information here to get you started on your website build.

Make sure your background and text contrast properly. Most sites do well with a black background and white text, but as long as the text is readable, other colors are fine. When your color contrast is poor, people with visual impairments may have issues reading your site. There are online tools to help you see if your website complies with the standards set for contrast.

You will need the right graphic tools for your website design. PNGs work better than Bitmap, since the Bitmap images are usually too big. If you are using photos, only use JPEG. For other non-photographic images, use GIF or PNG.

All the pages on your website should be kept to a reasonable length. Instead of putting all your information on the home page, add your content onto new pages throughout your site. Readers typically are hesitant to scroll through a site that seems to go on forever. If you can’t get away from having a lot of content on a single page, at least add some hyperlinks throughout the page so your readers can navigate your page without scrolling excessively.

There are many things to consider when designing a website, including the layout, color scheme, and hierarchy. Though the numerous factors needed to design a website can seem intimidating for a beginner, it isn’t impossible. Take the information you have learned in this article to help you design an eye-catching and successful website.


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